Saturday, 1 September 2012

Waverley : Degree Show Film

So this was the version of Waverley as it stood in the Masters Degree Show, from which I was awarded an Msc. in Animation & Visualisation with Distinction. Phew and big thanks to everyone who got involved/ supported me along the way.

Waverley: Making Of

This was a video created as a basic making of which was played on one of the imacs during the degree show. Time constraints and lack of memory coupled with the knowledge that this was an extra we were not getting assessed on meant that it is not a fully polished piece but hopefully gives some insight into how Waverley was created. 

MO from sarah dargie on Vimeo.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Final Blog Submission

Today is the final submission of the blog for our semester 2 assessment. I thought that it was worth explaining what would be the best way to find relevant information on the blog. I will be continuing to work on a making of to supplement the film and production bible prior to the presentation on Tuesday. 

Using this blog:

Under blog archive at the right each post is listed with the date and the title for reference. I have also arranged each post under different categories or Labels which can be accessed on the right hand side so that all posts pertaining to the relevant categories can be viewed chronologically in one page even if they are interspersed throughout my blog. I have put a guide to the labels below. Please note some posts will be shown under more than one label as they were appropriate in more than one category:

1. Experiments - Practical work completed or tested for the course, storyboards, program of study,
                          basic match moving/ film/ HDRI tests etc.

2. General - Posts like this which are less project/ module specific or ones which are related to my
                    attitude or opinion of animation in the broader sense

3. Inspirations - Critical reviews of films, artworks, buildings or photographs which I feel are useful
                          references or examples for my main Master's project

4. Leap Year - A side project carried over from last year which I will be using as a way of testing 2D
                        textures on 3D models

5. Presentations - Completed final presentations or assessment work which was required throughout the
                            semester to pass the modules

6. Research - Similar to inspirations research is more practical and reflective and contains analysis of
                      certain sources and exercises such as the extract which was required for Research and
                      Methods module.

7. Waverley - Everything which is directly related to the practical project has been given this label.

8. Collaborative Work  - Work I have done with or for other animation students.

I hope you enjoy my blog so far and thank you for the time to look through it!

FINAL Program of Study


Spoiler alert for degree show: finished film. (or almost, there was a glitch or two in this one which has been smoothed out for the handed-in version but nothing drastic enough to warrant the re-uploading time for this blog) Hooray! Just the making of to go!

Waverley : What Would Sant'Elia Do? from sarah dargie on Vimeo.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Opening Shot Update

Updated version of the opening shot, bar stabalising the camera and fixing the shader rebuild on the render I've done very little to this as I liked the feeling of it but felt it was too static. By rendering out the frames at an oversize format, I was able to extend the boundaries of the shot and add in a camera movement.

Current version:

Princes Street Update

With this one I have corrected the colour, realigned the frame composition, amended the rotoscope and added in a camera pan. The footage for this shot comes in at over 37 seconds, giving me a lot of scope for choice. I chose the below section (though the actual shot in the film will be less) because I liked the pacing of the arrival of the train. Overall I quite like this shot, more than any of the others it justifies the use of the site and is most like Sant'Elia's original drawing: