Wednesday, 28 September 2011

2D Elements

As well as making a 3D building I would like to learn how to project my 2D backgrounds in a 3D space and apply 2D textures to 3D models. The project which I would like to test this out on is an ongoing one which began a year ago that I have been working on whenever I get a chance. there are only four shots done in total but I enjoy it and its really a medium for experimentation at the moment. The film is called leap year and full information can be found by going to my other blog here and looking at all of the Leap Year posts. The animatic for the project is here.

Today I decided to export shot 10 again as being back at uni means I have access to a decent version of After Effects. The camera is still not correct but its really to test if the many layers are lining up. Let me know if you spot any which are going awry as I may have gone cross eyed. I have uploaded the full background I created below. The new video can be found here.

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