Thursday, 27 October 2011


On Tuesday we had another mind-mapping session which was very useful and opened the possibility of my approaching this project from a more practical rather then theoretical stance to balance the rationale behind the project. What emerged from this session was my need to begin to explore the commercial world of architectural visualisation companies and contact them with regards to their approach to client projects. In order to address this void in my knowledge I have created a list of potential questions to contact some professional companies with to help me to get a better understanding of the industry.

Research Questions:

1. How many members of staff are there within your company and how is the workload divided?
2. How do you approach creating an initial storyboard to fit the clients needs, do you use 2D or 3D tools to create it and how much of a narrative or story do you include?
3. How long (on average) does each stage take to complete and how many stages are involved in the completion of a final visualisation?
4. What program (s) do you employ in the texturing process?
5. When it comes to compositing the piece of architecture into the environment do you use live-action film, 3D or a combination to depict the existing situation?
6. What is the extent of your influence in changing the designs, ie. do you collaborate backwards and forwards directly with the architect's throughout the modeling process?
7. In which stage would you be most likely to encounter any difficulties or anomalies?
8. What do you feel is the most important factor which a client should take from a completed visualisation?
9. Do you take any inspirations from other visual effects companies or cinematic sources in your approach or work ethos and if so which would you say was the most influential?

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