Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Inside The Belly of The Beast

Internal model has been modelled out loosely. There will be twelve more units added to each side along the length of it, copied from the four which have been modelled but the model needs to be checked first before I go ahead copying corrupt geometry. Can't wait to get a camera moving through it when its done, plus once the train has been modelled the whole shot will be much more dynamic.

As the Futurists never built anything nor even sketch how their architectural visions would appear from the inside I had to draw on other sources: namely Richard Rogers Llyods Building London , The Museo d'Orsay Paris and the Trucco's Fiat Lingotto Factory. The results are a nostalgic take on modernism which I feel tie in with the external appearance,form and scale of the external train station itself. 

This current, basic model was created in Maya built up from 2D CAD drawings I designed based on the above references and the current external elevations...

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