Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Supervisor Meeting Jeanette and Chris 3

This week I have had meeting number 03 with both Chris and Jeanette regarding the progress of my project. We discussed the work I had completed in the festive period and both were able to give me advice regarding different aspects of the project's development.

Jeanettes written comments:

You have managed to carry out a great deal of work over the Christmas vacation which has allowed you to develop your ideas further. I am keen to see you move on to the interior and start modelling that. Its also good to see that you are starting to consider depth of shadows and textures. I’m pleased that you are proposing a more abstract/ surreal sound track rather than one which is too realistic – this will add to the futurist quality and allow viewers to come up with their own mental images/ stories.

Chris meanwhile gave me some great advice on how to approach the UV mapping progress and we discussed some of the more technical aspects of the film and how I can and should optimise my Maya model/ approach to make the UV Map and Texturing process over the next few weeks quicker and more productive.

Meeting Notes/ Conclusions

- Photo-storyboard is creating a more coherent understanding of what I am trying to achieve
- When creating the next animatic use the Maya model and camera angles it provides to make the proposal more dynamic
- Consider taking the time to record specific mechanical sounds  to enhance the film piece and keep it more ambiguous before Dawn's second sound workshop in February
- Good idea to remove any excess complications and confusion created by voices / unnecessary manifesto references 
- Take the time to divide the Maya model into layers for easier rendering and general working of the model
- Where to look on digital tutors for some great UV tutorials regarding the building
- Discussed the different texture methods which can be applied once the UV's have been completed to create a layering of textures on the final model 
- Ensure the final uploaded storyboard is uniformly formatted 

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