Friday, 3 August 2012

Peep Show

First version of the external shot looking in. Big thanks to Dylan who took the time to render this out for me after two weeks of momentous issues with final gathering and occlusion. I was originally thinking I wouldn't get this shot in the film at all however I'm glad to have it in some form as it shows that although incomplete I have indeed been working on developing the internal space. Even when it was rendered I had issues regarding a disappearing shadow pass and the files insistence of loading in the opposite order.

The final composition comprised of three different render layers: a foreground and background (which contained Depth, Ambient Occlusion, Diffuse, Indirect Lighting, Specular, Reflection and Refraction passes):

and a matte foreground layer for use as an alpha to control the transparency of the glass:

When it came to compositing the shot I've been debating whether to make the glass coloured/ stained or just grimy and slightly transparent. At present I'm leaning against the coloured glass. Coloured:

Not coloured:

And another version including enlarged stills. This is because the shadow pass didn't render out properly, I have used the Ambient Occlusion layer to bump it up but the results on the stone aren't as nice as I had hoped, by enlarging the shot there is less stone to worry about:

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