Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Problem With Architectural Visualisations

V+A At Dundee, most recent 3D Visualisation :

One of the main driving factors with my project and one which I have been trying to explore within my storyboard and animatic is the level of realism within standard architectural visualisations. The majority of project proposals present the public voting on designs with images which can border on proposterous. While I feel this does not negate the validity of the design themselves it presents an image of an unrealistic environment, which is potentially great for marketing purposes but ultimately unsustainable and unreal. One has only to look at the most recent video of the Dundee V+A proposal to know that there are not as many dolphins, yachts or jet ski's in dundee as it portrays and while I am a fan of the actual design, feel that the video does the proposed master-plan very little justice architecturally and its pretty boring as a film/animation piece. In a way its a good example of what I am trying not to do with my project and why I am trying to explore narrative, realism and composition with my project, and how animation can make architectural visualisations relate-able and used in a way which does not reduce it to lego. Comparing the V+A video to Alex Roman's the Third and Seventh there is no competition between quality, selling ability and watchability. Some may argue that they have different purposes but I take the stance that they are both essentially promotional shots of buildings and if you can do it well and engagingly then why would you do it any other way.


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