Sunday, 17 June 2012

Dylan Stage 01 : Complete

I have taken the time to rename and re-UV the Maya models. This will hopefully ensure that by exporting as a series of 4K maps that the overall graininess of the close up textures will be lost and I will be closer to achieving the textures I am aiming for. The reason that this will be more successful is that I have analysed the bigger areas giving them a higher proportion of the available texture map space and have divided each building section into more maps, allowing for more space and better division. In addition I have decided to arrange the maps into co-ordinating materials for when the maps are applied to the mia_x materials. eg. all the glass for the main doors are in a different map from the stone facade. Although this requires a lot more work it should make the later texturing stages more efficient and result in a more finished, professional textured model. 

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