Sunday, 22 July 2012

Bridge Shot

Going on a mini-adventure to the highlands for 12 hours gave me a lot of time to sit on a train and tweak this shot. It really feels like it is almost there.. Once the composition was fixed I had to re-render different shadow layers, grade the pre-multiplied render, add edge blur to make the roto less jarring, fix the colour deformations which was happening under the bridge, dirtied up the texture to match the soot stained sandstone of the bridge and reposition the render. There is so much more I could and maybe should do to this shot but I am however going to move on from this for now and come back to it at the point of editing as I need to make progress on the others. After nine different NUKE compositions and 20 renders I have been looking at it too close for too long. Coming back to it fresh once some of the other shots have been worked on will help me to see what I need to change. At present I think the building needs to be almost lighter/dustier in places and that the roto on the furthest away person could be smoother. The next shots I'm going to work on are finishing the external night shot and Princes Street with the train and Im determined to get two done by the end of the weekend.

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