Friday, 20 July 2012

Problem Solving

So after yesterday's progress I encountered some problems later on. I was having transparency issues when it came to plugging the render into the full rotoscoped footage. I suspected that it was something to do with the alpha channel being lost during the shader rebuild process but no matter how I tried to re-plug the alpha back in from the original I continued to get a phantom building semi-opaque result, nasty:

In one respect this worked in my favour as it meant that I finally buckled down and modified the roto. The original roto which Felix had kindly done had been partially taken from a video exported at a strange frame rate (I think it has been imported as 30 fps then exported at 25) it was entirely my fault and I knew that I would have to fix it. Initially i tried to find a cheap fix and re-export the footage at a HD version of the wrong timing but could not get it to match so in the end buckled down and re-modified the roto properly:

With this finally fixed I returned to the comp and tried to work out why I was having transparency issues. Again I was able to get some assistance from Dylan and we were able to work out that the issue with the composition was that on the final merge node the footage was being taken in as A instead of B and the roto on the shader rebuild was distorting the alpha of the render . After a little bit of modification I finally got the correct result and can now work on getting the render to look more like it should, hooray. Now that the composition is working more succesfully after I have get the render working I can reuse this composition structure and apply it to Princes Street shot and the opening shot:

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