Monday, 23 July 2012

Princes Street

This shot marks the halfway point. Admittedly there are some of the hardest shots left but its starting to get there. While I need to fix the roto around the building top in this version the shot is virtually there. While it doesn't look they way I had anticipated at the outset of the project I'm happy with it given what I know now and the time left. I'm really happy with the way the colour matching between the render and the environment. I had to cheat slightly however, I wanted to add more detail onto the bricks of the station and not having access to the studio meant that I updated an tiff instead of the exr. I think its worked really well and has allowed me to save some time.

Original exr rebuild:

Final Tiff (Note that because I was only using the top of the render I only added detail to the part which was being used) : 

Current composition (the roto on the last bus windows is missing simply because as the shot is currently 25 seconds long I will only be using the first 20: 

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